About Me

Assalaamu Alaykum and welcome to my blog and home on the internet.

My name is Kaltun Karani and I am Muslim woman who’s striving to live in this world as a preparation for a blissful eternity in the hereafter. I’m happily married to my husband Jama, we have a son named Imran and I am fortunate and blessed to be spending a lot of my time caring for my lovely aging mother. I am also the founder of Hikma Academy where I teach Tafseer and Islamic Studies to teen girls. I’m a student of Quran where I’m currently memorizing, understanding and reflecting and find these to be a life-long endeavor and pursuit of mine.

This blog started because I one day got this urge to share a message about things I’ve always experienced. What triggered that urge was that one of my favorite students wrote in her class journal things I used to write to myself at the age of 14 and I felt so grateful that I could listen to her and be there for her. I realized that moment that perhaps I can reflect back on certain things in my life and look at them from the perspective of a Muslima while shedding light on lessons I learned or need to continue learning. We always hear the phrase that we are more alike than different; but how would we ever know if certain things are never talked about in a positive and vulnerable way?

I’m a social butterfly, I love people and I have been blessed with amazing ones throughout my life. I love the power Allah put in human connections and so I cherish the relationships and interactions I make with people. I’m a natural connector and find much joy in sharing with others what I find beneficial and beautiful.

I’m Somali, born and raised in the UAE, when I was 9-years-old I lived in Syria for one year and I’ve been in the USA since 1995. I lived in Ohio for 13 years before getting married and moving to Minnesota in 2011. Coming to the USA as a 13-year-old and having experienced the Somali/Arab/American life you can bet my experiences were a bit out of the ordinary because of the cultural aspects and continuous moving I experienced.

One major transformation in my life was when at the age of 23 I went from being a passive Muslim to a practicing Muslim. That journey was especially meaningful to me; yet came with internal challenges that I realize, now, will continue as long as life continues for me. There isn’t a moment where we perfectly align ourselves with the values Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala wants for us yet the goal is to actively strive in that path and this makes the journey sweet.

I deeply value learning as an instrument of growth in every aspect of life. I enjoy learning and I continue to seek opportunities that allow me to learn something new and beneficial. I see myself as an educator so I’m continuously trying to create opportunities to share with others what I find beneficial. This process helps me learn better as I learn by engagement.

Professionally, I have a Bachelor’s in Marketing from the Ohio State University, a Bachelor’s of Islamic Studies from AlMaghrib Institute, and currently seeking a Master’s of School Counseling from the University of Wisconsin River Falls. My work experience has been in the education, counseling, coaching and the early childhood field.

I’m deeply inspired by people whose knowledge, expertise, life, and wisdom help better the lives of others. I’m inspired by people who are role models of taqwa (mindfulness of Allah), living according to values, accomplishments and benefit to humanity. This is my own personal dream and I ask Allah to grant me tawfeeq (success) in attaining it.

I hope to use this blog as a platform to share what that things I’ve experienced, learned and how I’m pursuing to live by this wisdom.

I ask Allah to put Barakah in this attempt and allow it to benefit myself and others.